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Offer Better Deals to your Players

Offer Better Deals to your Players

As part of one of the largest affiliation networks in the industry we bring each large player numbers to each Operator and can demand the biggest margins for our Affiliates and the highest VIP deals for our players.
Increase efficiency & reduce your workload

Increase efficiency & reduce your workload

We provide you with our CRM system to make referring and tracking customers easy. Simply provide a sign up link to your player then input their username into your Affiliate portal and leave the rest to us...
One Central Payment System

One Central Payment System

Promote a variety of Poker rooms to your players and receive a automated monthly payment for your total earnings.

Our Members can even allocate custom VIP percentages to your players and sub-affiliates and we'll calculate everything for you!


Why Choose Us?

There's a number of reasons why PokerAffiliates are the right partner for you to launch your new or grow your existing affiliate business
The scale of traffic we bring to poker rooms as a collective is far greater than the scale of any single affiliate and ensures we always operate with the strongest VIP deals to offer our players, and the strongest affiliate deals to ensure we have good earning potential
We short-cut your learning experience with training videos to both to familiarise you with Affiliate Dashboard and provide tips how to maximise your success targeting new traffic
We provide you access to a world-class CRM system to ensure that affiliation is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Input new sign ups/ retag requests
2. Receive confirmation of tracking
3. View Traffic and wait for payment
We've been in the affiliate business for over a decade and our success is built on forming strong trusted relationships with Operators, Affiliates and Players alike.

A few Numbers

Fun Facts

We've been referring traffic to operators for over a decade and are proud to have generated large returns for our VIP Players, our affiliates, and the operators we promote


Months referring traffic


Average Rake per Month


Total Rake to date


PokerAffiliates helped me to take my affiliate business to the next level through access to their VIP deals, affiliate margins, and most importantly their CRM system. We had spent so much time trying to build strong relationships with operators previously without much success and so partnering with PokerAffiliates has meant we can access deals that were previously beyond us and focus all of our time on player recruitment

Why Choose Us?

Your success in the affiliation industry is directly related to both the deals you can offer to your players and the margins you have on each of those deals.

It's no longer possible to access strong deals unless you can showcase a large existing playerbase so it's more optimal for you to join an affiliate network such as with PokerAffiliates, so that we can negotiate the best deals on behalf of you and all of our other affiliates using our combined scale.

We provide our affiliates free use of the PAF Portal to simplify your processes and streamline your business. All you need to do is decide which deals to promote, then start promoting. We'll do everything else!
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