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What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate in the poker industry is a person who associates themselves with a larger organisation such as a Poker Room or a larger affiliate like ourselves with the goal of directing traffic to that organisation in return for monetary reward.

We are affiliated with the biggest operators in the poker industry with the remit to bring them traffic. When you join PokerAffiliates you will be affiliated to us and can then use our deals to refer your own traffic and earn revenues. If you refer other affiliates to join PokerAffiliates then they will be your sub-affiliations and you will earn revenues on the traffic they refer!

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

There are a number of different payment options depending on which Poker Rooms you promote with the most common being Revenue Share where you earn a % of the revenue a customer generates over the long-term, or a Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) deal whereby you receive a larger one off payment when you bring a customer who subsequently meets the required criteria such as making a deposit and raking a small amount.

Many Operators offer Affiliates the choice between the two options so you can choose the option that is best suited for your current situation and which will provide the strongest reward long-term.

Do I Need My Own Website?

Absolutely not! While many Operators only choose to work with affiliates that have their own website, we are happy to work with anyone that can bring us new players so you can join us and then refer players by whichever means you see fit.

We have many members who refer their friends or have grown their business using facebook or skype to contact players so you can be as successful as you wish to be. We also have many members who just sign-up in order to refer themselves for VIP deals and receive some extra revenue on the side.

How Do I Refer Players?

Once you have completed the application form and been approved then you will have access to your IncomeControls CRM system where you can view all of your activity, see all of the Affiliates Deals you have available, and track your players statistics.

When you sign up a player, make sure you use the link provided, then input the players details (Username | Alias) into the CRM system so we can ensure the alias is tracked.

You will then receive tracking confirmation once the player has begin to rake that the player is tracked correctly or any problems will be flagged and we will contact you to discuss any issues.

Can I Refer Players If They Already Have An Account?

This depends entirely on the Poker Room themselves and whether the player has been active recently so you should discuss this with your PokerAffiliates Manager when you setup.

On the Network Sites such as Party, Bwin, iPoker, Micro, WPN we can normally find a solution that will enable a player to be affiliated to you. When it's PokerStars or 888 then it can be more problematic.

Do You Only Promote Poker Rooms?

Absolutely not. Poker Rooms are our bread and butter but we promote all products that may be of interest to our predominantly poker orientated customer base. One of the key products we work with are Online Wallets such as Skrill, NETELLER & EcoPayz and we also promote a number of casino and sportsbook offers.

How Will I Be Paid?

All PokerAffiliates members will receive one payment per month on around the 15th of the month for the combined total of all of your earnings from all the rooms you promote.

Standard payment methods are Skrill, NETELLER, EcoPayz. The minimum payment is $50 with all lower amounts being rolled over until your payment is above this level.

Can I Refer Myself For Affiliate Deals?

Absolutely! The Poker Rooms and Wallets would never normally allow this but because you're using our deals rather than working directly with the Operators then this is perfectly acceptable. The only difference is that you are taking home a bigger cut of what you rake rather than an affiliate or the operator earning the extra amount!

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